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Mortgage Loan Officer & Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

How the decree or separation agreement is written may mean you, your spouse or client is unable to qualify for a mortgage.

I am a Mortgage Loan Office, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and a Financial Neutral trained in Collaborative Family Law.  I complete a comprehensive financial review and work with the legal team, assisting in the structure of their divorce settlement to ensure clients are able to qualify for a mortgage to purchase or refinance.  We are taught not to be emotional about money, a divorce is emotion and money.  The decisions made during this challenging time stay with us for years to follow.  Having the right advice and weighing all of your options helps to ensure you are able to honor your agreement and qualify for a mortgage.

I work with individuals, couples, financial advisors, real estate agents and attorneys. I welcome a conversation to discuss how I may be of service to you or your clients. I can be reached at 843.302.6271 or jminster@cmgfi.com

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