About Us

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, CDFA Collaborative Divorce Financial Specialist

As a Divorce Financial Analyst I complete a full review of the clients’ financial situation and assist the clients in understanding the long term consequences of the financial decisions made during separation and divorce.  I draft “what if” scenarios demonstrating the net worth and income 10 to 20 years from today, based on different asset distributions.  And I assist in the generation of creative choices for the couple.

Education is a critical component of my role as the financial expert, it is imperative that everyone have a full understanding of how assets behave and the cash flow options available to them.

In a Collaborative Divorce it is my role to be the true neutral, and I agree to not discuss the investment decisions or advise on how investments should be made but rather demonstrate the division of assets.  In order to be a true neutral, I agree to not become either parties’ financial advisor today or in the future.  It is my belief that this is an imperative piece in ensuring my neutrality.

We are taught not to be emotional about money, a divorce is emotion and money.  And the decisions made during this challenging time stay with us for years to follow.  Having the right advice and weighing all of your options helps to ensure the best outcome is imperative.

We serve individuals and attorneys. I welcome a conversation to discuss how I may be of service to you or your clients. I can be reached at 843.302.6271 or jamie@jamieminster.com

It’s OK to be emotional about money. We’ll help you with the tough questions.