What does Buying a House and a Divorce have in Common?

We often hear that your home is the single largest investment in your lifetime.  But maybe a divorce is just as significant of a decision?

If we were to agree that buying a home is one of the largest financial decisions and we put it on the same plane as a divorce this changes our perspective and helps remove the emotion from the decision making process.  The essence of divorce is financial, if you don’t know how your are going to pay the light bill or send your kids to school you are operating from a place of fear.    And once we can shift our thinking we can make educated decisions from a place of understanding, not decisions based on fear and the unknown.

Do your due diligence.  If you were buying a home there is a process that is non-emotional and you have banks and other institutions shouldering much of the liability and responsibility.  And they require steps to be taken to ensure it is a good risk on their part.  They investigate your finances, require inspections, and will not allow you to move forward with financing without an intensive vetting process.  A divorce should include as rigorous of a process and the more understanding of you finances you have the better you will fell about future.  Even if you don’t like what you find out you are armed with the knowledge of where you are and can decide where you are going.

It’s OK to be emotional about money. We’ll help you with the tough questions.

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