Life Insurance & Divorce

Life Insurance & Divorce I find that often people simply do not want to talk about life insurance, discussing your demise and planning for it is not a light subject. But in divorce it is imperative that it is addressed and an understanding of the types of insurance owned is of equal importance. If someone […]

Alimony and Tax Reform, Questions Arise

One of the potential changes baked into the tome of tax reform is changing the way in which alimony is taxed. Currently, alimony is a tax deduction to the spousing paying alimony and taxable to the recipient. The person paying alimony is typically in a higher tax bracket so this is a significant benefit to them. (These payments […]

Journey of Hope: Moving Forward Financially

Journey of Hope Conference 2017 Moving Forward Financially What an incredible weekend of hope, fellowship and sharing of faith.  It was an honor and a pleasure to be a speaker at this event.  I had several requests for the presentation, so, here it is with the speaker notes.   Please feel free to share! Journey […]

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