Why Being Organized is the Most Important Activity in your Divorce

Why being organized is the most important thing you can do in your divorce. Be organized and be educated, these are the two most important pieces of advice I can offer someone going through a divorce. Being organized, take the time and get your affairs in order. Yes, it can be incredibly time consuming but […]

Our Second Webinar is Now Available

Charleston Divorce Services, is here to help you and your family work through this challenging time.  Join us once a month for a complimentary, private webinar.  To sign up for our next event, http://www.charlestondivorceservices.com/webinar and join us live.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmoHkBR2Lxc&t=2s

My Wedding Didn’t Feel Like a Business Deal, Did Yours?

Think back to your wedding day, what about that felt like a business deal? I would venture to say, nothing, absolutely nothing! But you did enter into a business agreement with a contract.  We enter into contracts every day, buying a car or a home, signing a lease, negotiating a new job, joining the gym, even […]

The Home Funding Show with David Stein

  It was a great pleasure to be a part of the 1250AM The Big Talker, Home Funding Show with David Stein last Saturday morning.  Listen as we discuss how alimony and child support impact your ability to purchase a home after divorce.  Enjoy the show!  

Listen to my Interview with the Lowcountry Mortgage Show

Listen to this weeks Lowcountry Mortgage Show, with David Stein, on Charleston’s own 94.3 FM WSC, iHeart Radio.  Learn about how alimony and child support may impact your ability to purchase or refinance your home during and after divorce, gain insight on the mortgage process during divorce and learn from experts in the field. Thank […]

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