Refinancing, it’s Not Just about the Rate

We hear a lot of financial noise, it permeates the news. We are bombarded with information about interest rates and the Fed. Interest rates are a very important piece of the mortgage puzzle but that is not the entire picture. Your monthly payment may also include mortgage insurance. The mortgage insurance premium is determined predominatly […]

Grey Divorce and Retirement

  Grey Divorce and Retirement Grey divorce, or divorcing in the later years of your life is on the rise. As more baby boomers enter retirement they seem to be saying to one another that they don’t want to spend the last segment of their lives married to the person they raised their families with. […]

Why you want to Complete your Divorce with the QDRO

Why you want to Complete your Divorce with the QDRO Upon your divorce you may be required to divide retirement accounts and in order to do so a QDRO or Qualified Domestic Relations Order is often needed to create the division. This is a legal document, a professional will create, that will be sent to […]

Life Insurance & Divorce

Life Insurance & Divorce I find that often people simply do not want to talk about life insurance, discussing your demise and planning for it is not a light subject. But in divorce it is imperative that it is addressed and an understanding of the types of insurance owned is of equal importance. If someone […]

What does Buying a House and a Divorce have in Common?

We often hear that your home is the single largest investment in your lifetime.  But maybe a divorce is just as significant of a decision? If we were to agree that buying a home is one of the largest financial decisions and we put it on the same plane as a divorce this changes our […]

When Child Support Won’t Be Enough

The Importance of Creating a Children’s Budget As contentious as divorce can be, one thing that most couples agree upon is they want to do what is in the best interest of their children. As parents this can be extremely challenging to keep this in perspective once the legal proceedings begin to move forward. The […]

Alimony and Tax Reform, Questions Arise

One of the potential changes baked into the tome of tax reform is changing the way in which alimony is taxed. Currently, alimony is a tax deduction to the spousing paying alimony and taxable to the recipient. The person paying alimony is typically in a higher tax bracket so this is a significant benefit to them. (These payments […]

Journey of Hope: Moving Forward Financially

Journey of Hope Conference 2017 Moving Forward Financially What an incredible weekend of hope, fellowship and sharing of faith.  It was an honor and a pleasure to be a speaker at this event.  I had several requests for the presentation, so, here it is with the speaker notes.   Please feel free to share! Journey […]

Why Being Organized is the Most Important Activity in your Divorce

Why being organized is the most important thing you can do in your divorce. Be organized and be educated, these are the two most important pieces of advice I can offer someone going through a divorce. Being organized, take the time and get your affairs in order. Yes, it can be incredibly time consuming but […]

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